Thursday, September 2, 2010

Orion is 6!

OK, well technically this was on the 2nd, and his birthday is the 3rd, but close enough! Orion really loves pinatas, but last year was insane with too many kids all wanting a turn at the same time, so we just had a few over for pinata this year.

Orion has been asking for Spongebob Lego for a long time, and wanted that as the theme for his party as well, so this is what I came up with for the cake (the malt balls were a special request although I am not sure how they fit the theme lol):

Somebody was covered in watermelon.

Nicole was on camera duty, so I have a ton of great photos! Cute boy!
Here comes the cake!
Make a wish!
Making sure all the frosting is off the feet.
Waiting for cake....
Yay, cake! Too bad it wasn't very good! I changed the recipe I used a bit and think that was not such a good idea lol.
Yay, some presents!
Checking out the Legos.

Pinata time!

Patrick looks scared!

Orion held the rope for Ciara.
Ciara got really into it holding a foot lol.
My hair is fading!
Oliver takes a turn.
"Where's the baby?!"
After the kids had their fill of whacking/wanted their candy, Ron took a golf club to the star.
Guess it was a tough pinata. Ron actually bent the club!!!

Ron surveys the damage.
Busted! LOL My favorite picture of Rachele ever.
"How much did we get?"

May he rest in peace.
Hey, a decent photo of me.
Two fists full!
Editing to add video :)

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