Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Zen Kinda Day

I decided to grab a cultural pass to go to The Japanese Gardens with Rachele and maybe get some photos for her to use on her website. I got some really neat ones that I love and might use for some of my own stuff as well!

Rachele got one of Miss Snugglepants while we were waiting for the tram.
I love Kai's little hands sneaking in on this one.
Cute pic of Rachele. Kinda odd of Akasha lol. This is the squinty eye thing she does when you ask her to smile.
Looks like the Buddha is really meditating here!
I think this is my favorite with the temple in the background.
Not really a very good photo but kindof funny it is a self portrait. :)
Another favorite Buddha.
And let's not leave out Kwan Yin!
"Look Mama! Fish!"
Just a pretty garden scene.
Rachele really likes the various lanterns, and this shot is cool cuz you can see her in the distance on the bridge!
Levitating Buddha! LOL I was holding it up to try and get it in the shot with the lantern. It didn't come out as great as I had hoped, but it is still kinda fun.
This pole provided a long stretch of fun.
Busted out the manual focus for this one and it still isn't perfectly crisp. I need glasses. :/ Really wish I had a macro lens!
I love the reflection in this one.
Yes, the pole came out!
There is something really funny about this one to me, like Kai is trying to convince Rachele of something.
And in this one it looks like Akasha is getting baptized!
More shens with the pole.
Akasha watching Kai get upside down...
...and trying it out herself.
There are several of these in the cement on the path between the parking lot and gardens. I am not sure what their significance is, but they are pretty!
Pretty spider on the path. The flash kinda washed out the color but lit up the web nicely!

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