Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tulip Festival 2010

A beautiful day to go see the tulips!!! It is amazing how much the fields rotate around from year to year. I don't think the main flowers have ever been this far out before.

Orion driving the tractor.
Sister wanted to get on the act.
Then we had to walk quite a ways to get over to the area with the vendors and bouncy houses. There was a side rode, but the kids really wanted to walk through the field...

...where there were lots of ladybugs!
As is becoming our tradition, we took lots of peeking through the flowers pictures.
Not sure what was going on here, but the echoing arm shapes cracked me up.
Little flower fairy. :)
Think we may end up with a series of these too.
Orion still loves these things. And the expression is classic.
Ah, the brain rattling slide.
Oh my goodness, it's actually a family photo! This one cracks me up as Akasha looks like she is looking for some milk.
Alas, this one didn't capture a great expression either. Akasha is just not an on cue smiler!
More peekies.
This would be Akasha making her sniffy face.
Oooh, caught a smile when she wasn't looking!
Goofy girl.
Getting a closer look.

More sniffsniff lol.

Hey, there are some little fingers in that face hole!
And then we realized we locked the keys in the car... :/ And our cellphones! Luckily a guy let us use his phone and we have roadside assistance with our insurance, but oy, it took them awhile to get there! Akasha and I hung out with a nice guy and his two golden retrievers who was chilling with them at his car while his girlfriend and her niece did the rides. It was pretty funny as a whole family showed up to "break us in". Dad, Mom, kids.... wondering if they were out at church being a Sunday and called to do a job! Dad made quick work of it and we were on our way. Akasha was out like a light before we got out of the parking lot. :)