Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rainbows, Airplanes and Gardens!

Seems like I have no time for blogging these days as I have started some projects around the house. But I like to at least get the better pictures thrown up. We went out to dinner at our nearby sushi place the other night, and this amazing full rainbow greeted us on our exit!I love Portland Springs! I have never noticed before that the sky looks so different above and below a rainbow. I am not sure if it is something about how it looks in a photo of if you can see it in real life as well, but I am going to try to remember to look next time!

Orion asked me to make a paper airplane the other day, and I really only know one kind. So we ended up finding a website that had a bunch of cool designs, and Ron made several for him. He is totally enamored!

We got three garden boxes built and have gotten some plants started. Hope it is a productive year!

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