Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Stuff

Day before dyeing!
Akasha showing off her tats and playing with egg dippers.
This went on for awhile and seemed very interesting to her in the moment.
Several done!
Akasha busy eating cookies off the table lol.
Next day! The hunt begins!

Got one!

Makin' the grab!
Orion got the silver egg! This was a family tradition in my family for years. There was always a gold and silver egg hidden with money, usually in really hard spots and intended for the adults. This one had a handful of quarters. :)
Somebody doesn't have much experience with hard candy yet lol... She was drooling a bunch of it right out of her mouth.
How cute is that?
Later that day.... Orion wanted me to take a picture of this scene, which he declared a party. Notice the use of peanut butter cups for tables.

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