Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life is Good 2011 - In Pictures

Wow, our fifth year at Life is Good - so unbelievable! And it was bigger than ever before, with even a new room added. I have lots of thoughts, but always like to get my picture thread up first, so here it is...

I can't freehand letters for beans, so I came up with this idea for a door sign and made it ahead of time. Orion had a blast helping me look for letters and deciding which ones to use.
Akasha was just in love with this little doggie. Somebody had given him a Snapple lid, and it looks like he is saying, "I just dare you to try to take it away." And indeed, he wasn't about to let anybody have it!
Once again I was fortunate to have some great kids help me out with watching the kids!
Akasha learned Red Light, Green Light the first night. Oh the power! And what great and patient friends to play with her over and over!
Running races with her buddy Zola.
Butt bouncin' down the stairs lol.
All sorts of fun in the balloon room!
Love it when the older kids play along. The littles are always so thrilled and entertained!
Both my kids fell in love with Hungry Hippos!
The Lego table! (And photographers capturing each other. :) ) While Orion isn't in this photo, he spent alot of time here!
I think this was the best year for homemade wares ever. I bought more than a few things!
Still happy to play with a train set.

But oh, the fort room was the biggest hit with Orion I think!

Last morning... this says it all.
The kids were pretty worn out, but we decided to hit the picnic for a bit. Didn't last too long but had fun hanging while we did. Love this picture of Amma pushing Tessi lol!
Wiggling up the slide...
Moments like these are what unschooling is all about. :)
And I had to include this pic of a friend's baby just because it is so darn cute lol.
Phew, another year, new friends, old friends, thoughts of adding another conference... love this life we lead!

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