Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kona 2011 - Day 7

We kept going back and forth on whether or not to do this seahorse tour, because Orion didn't seem that interested, but we decided to go for it as he usually ends up liking things once he gets going, and Ron and I both really like seahorses. :) They didn't allow any photography on most of the tour. They are also a business that sells seahorses, and I guess they do things differently and don't want their secrets out there lol. Not really sure, but I do know their seahorses were super friendly and social. There is one stop on the tour where you feed them, and they literally looked like they were coming up the top and begging lol. There was one area where you could take photos, and you can see how they like holding tails in this one:

Here they are live:

There was also a touch tank that had lots of hermit crabs in it.
Close up!
Here is the tank where they let you hold one!

Later that day I took a little drive to try and get a couple more caches. I drove down this one street because I was also curious about all the history in the area, and came across these burials just right next to the road!

And guess what was literally right across the street? Yep, a golf course. More side by side oddities. Turned out there were a heck of alot more burials here than I realized. On my way out, I noticed this sign:
Here was the battlefield. It is so strange to me that the Hawaiians have such a history of war and violence when they seem like such a laid back group of people!

We had a great farewell dinner the final night, but I will write about that in the foodie post. :)

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