Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kona 2011 - Day 1

ZOMG finally time to work on the Hawaii entries!

Not sure if this should count as Day 1 or not, but we were technically in Hawaii by the end of the day. :) Here we are waiting to go through... you guessed it, airport security. It really wasn't that bad. At least at Portland they let you bring a cart through. Although there used to be a separate line for families which we were disappointed to see gone.
Wow Akasha's carseat has alot of dog hair on it lol.

Waiting in the terminal. I believe those were Skittles.
And we made it!!! We had a short flight to San Francisco, then a longer flight to Kona. I was surprised that you have to buy ANY food on the planes now! Not even a snack. Glad the short trip was first so I knew to eat a meal before the next one! The kids did remarkably well, although Akasha zonked right out on the first flight, which I wish had happened on the second one! The hardest part was getting her carseat in and out, but I think it is so worth it as it conveys to her she needs to stay in her seat. I think we would have had a helluva time with her monkeying around in just the airplane seat belt. The second flight started out pretty rocky as we had expected the larger plane and thought Orion would get to sit by the window, which he reeeeally wanted to do, but we got the same type of plane, which has a rule about carseats having to go in the window seat. So he cried... really loudly... for quiet a long time. :( I am sure everybody on the plane was thrilled. But things calmed down and we actually had quite a good time listening to 70s music on the headphones lol. He seemed enthralled that I was able to mouth most of the words. He is really getting into music these days - might be time to get some on an ipod for him! And Akasha miraculously just played with different things I handed her for almost the whole trip! She got antsy right at the end, and I let her get out of her seat to sit on my lap, then had a time of it getting her pack in when it was time to land, but we got through it.

The saddest part of the whole day, though, was finding out between planes that Sarah missed her flight because she had it on her calendar for the next day. :(( We tried a variety of ways to figure out how to get her there, but it never worked out. Waaaaah.

And then we were there and WOW, the heat! I had kindof forgotten how hot it stays, even at night! Thank goodness I had some water left, because my throat immediately started completely drying out over and over. It was like the environment had some crazy fast dehydrating effect on me. Damn, I have become a PNWer through and through I guess!

Orion monkeying around while Ron got the rental car.
Kinda looks like a yoga pose lol! I was thrilled we were able to make it to this one restaurant I had read about before it closed (more in foodie post to come lol) and we found our resort without any trouble. Whoa, has this area changed!!! Costco, Walmart, Target - none of that was here last time I came! But the little waterfront area is still cute, and our place is a bit out of town in an area famous for some awesome snorkeling. And the condo was reeeeally nice! My only complaint is that they had us on the second floor, but we were able to switch to a first floor room - phew! We were getting in after dark, so looking forward to checking everything out the next day!

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