Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mt Hood Trip

Finally taking the time to finish this post and add some writing to the pics I loaded ages ago!

We heard about this great BOGO deal at The Resort at the Mountain, and decided to take the kids on a snow trip! The place was absolutely gorgeous! This was the view from our patio. The pool is just down the trail and off to the left.
I loved the bed linens! There was also a ton of closet space - great for a place near ski resorts!
For some reason, I decided to leave the good camera at home, and really paid for it with some crappy pictures. Oh well lol. Here is one little monkey, snuggling on the bed.
She is getting to that age where she loves putting her dolls and animals "to bed"
This was supposed to be her going to sleep, but it looks more like she is about to sneeze lol.
Here is the road on the way to Government Camp, with Mt. Hood in the distance.
Ron and Orion at Summit!
It's hard to climb stairs in all that gear lol!
Heading up the tubing hill...
This was how Akasha and Orion went down the hill. Kids sit in the middle and adults grab the handles and kindof lay behind them.
While both kids were having a blast in the snow, neither of them really wanted their photo taken. This was the best I could do for a sibling shot!
Orion made about 20 snow angels.
And here is the video version!

Just thought this phone booth was cool.
We played at the little putt putt course the second day, and Orion LOVED it. I really need to take this kid mini golfing more!
Doin' it his own way:

We also used their spa and were impressed. Overall it was a great trip, and we hope to come back!

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