Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another one of those picture catch ups!

I have been really bad about blogging or taking pictures lately. The kids are often not in a picture mood unless they are having me take a shot of something they made or using the camera themselves, and we have just been busy with other things. But I have taken a handful off and on, so here is a selection. :)

The "real" pattern blocks have been a hit. Orion has made some really neat stuff, but I think this is my favorite. Any guesses....
A genie coming out of a bottle! And here is a flower for ya.
Akasha even got into the action using the templates!
Here is a many faces of Orion series:

Oh and take note of the haircut he gave himself.... Said his hair was in his eyes lol.

And one silly Akasha face.
Then she got in the action of wanting me to take pics of things she made. I got these things at Winco for like 3 bucks and both kids have gotten so much use out of them!
Make sure you notice this one is different! :) She kept changing them around and asking me to take another picture.
Orion is getting to be quite the bubble blower!
And here is Kona being a clue lol. I can't believe how much we still use these things I made over THREE years ago!
And here is Akasha's first self portrait. An adorable toddler tummy - very appropriate.

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