Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sibling Shifting

Last night I thought I heard something shift in the way Orion and Akasha were playing together. It was subtle, but I noticed Orion *wanting* to keep Akasha with him, so if she started crying about something, he would try to fix it so she would stay with him.

And now, my kids have played together without my intervention for most of the day. Just a few days ago, it seemed like fighting, screaming and crying ALL DAY LONG. I would like to say I came through this with trust and grace. But I didn't. I screamed, and yelled, and cried, and threw things and complained to my friends in what I am sure was an annoying manner. And there were more than a few "bad words" uttered.

There are lots of other things going on in our home creating stress. Ron just ended his contract and is struggling with his identity as a provider. We found out we weren't going to keep the medical insurance we thought we had for another month, and since I need a surgery, that is really shitty timing. It is so easy to find excuses for challenging behavior. And of course stress DOES play a part no doubt. But in the midst of all this stress, my children *still* found their way to a beautiful balance with each other.

And then I have to start wondering why.... Did Akasha reach some magical age to seem like a better playmate to Orion? Did Orion hit some milestone with self control? Maybe they are trying to escape their parents. :/ So why not just enjoy it? There is no doubt they will cycle through more ups and downs with each other than I will be able to keep track of. Maybe this peace is only for today. But there it is. Sweet and pure and beautiful sibling love. That lasted more than 5 minutes. That lasted most of the day with the exception of a few bonks and really minor squabbles. If this is possible, I feel like anything is! A lesson in surrender and trust.

And here are a couple pictures to remind me of this day!

I think this was the first time Orion really wanted Akasha in his room.
He called me to bring the camera over during this "huggy", as he calls them.


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Mama Anna said...

Dude, this is SO what happened to us this week too! LIG???

Lisa said...

This was actually BEFORE LIG lol. I am just that behind finishing it! Orion has spent a TON of time by himself since LIG. Seems to usually be what he needs.