Monday, May 3, 2010

Another Great Great Wolf Trip!

Of course I had to do some caching on the way there! I had read about this one right off the 5 with a 60s theme so really wanted to stop! It is a 5 gallon bucket in a seldom used spot, which is cool as you don't see many of those!

Not much left on the 60s theme, but I left a tie dyed onesie I hope goes to a good family lol.
Another awesome travel but hotel! Some of these people just amaze me with their creativity!

Then I pretty much failed at taking pictures. We have a new little camera I haven't really gotten used to. Need to get on the ball with that. Here is Akasha at breakfast on Ron's bday. She really went crazy for the sausages!
A rare sibling picture where they are both looking at the cam!
Akasha had so much more fun this time!
She really hated the water hitting her last time, and this time she just shrugged and went right through it!
And a couple quick vids!

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