Monday, September 3, 2012

Orion is Eight!

Orion wanted a Minecraft Birthday this year, and I put quite alot of work into it. He also loves pinatas, but every year they seem to turn into such a competition thing, so I decided to make individual pinatas. OMG that turned into ALOT of work lol, but the kids really seemed to like them. Didn't really go with the square theme since I made them from balloons, but hey there are eggs in Minecraft now! I also made a bunch of different colored cubes to hide in the yard as sort of a scavenger hunt type thing, and that seemed like a big hit. I even made a custom invitation, but can't seem to find it now - darn!

Square cakes of course, and we made Minecraft themed things out of Legos.  

Great custom gift wrap!

Smash Hands were a smash!

Zola explaining the birthday card she made.

Looking into the pinata

Fashion pinata headwear!

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