Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Leaf Walk!

Finally been clear for a couple days! Been waiting for a day like this so we could get some semidry leaves to press for crafts.

Orion loves to play in leaves!

I love this one. Not sure if you can see at this size, but he has his tongue sticking out.
Akasha is not so sure what all the fuss is about.

OK, maybe there is something to this leaf thing.
Sneaking up to dump leaves on sister's head....

I couldn't believe this one flower hanging on in the midst of all the bare branches around it!
Wow, this leaf was crazy! Not only did nature design it with two lovely holes, but the wind then placed it nicely on the end of this branch. This was up quite high by the way. I just cropped it way in to see it better. Yay for high res LOL.
This is the house in our neighborhood Orion loves. When he first saw it just before Halloween, he said he wanted to join their family!
Just after getting some more leaves dumped on her head in yet a different yard! Glad she liked it. :)
That's a kitty in there my kids are lovin' on.
This was one patient and affectionate cat. It must live with kids!
Some of our haul back at home.

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