Friday, November 20, 2009

Farewell Internet

Well, I may have it at my motel stops the next couple days, but not when I get to my Dad's. Between two sick kids and getting ready for this trip, there has been no time to post, but I thought I would do a quick catch up before I leave.

I bought this chair on Craigslist, and Orion is quite taken with it. He picked out this very specific shirt and asked for sunglasses to stage this photo. Funny boy!
Akasha checking out a drum at Tessi's new place.
With cousin Amma.
And deciding plastic dishes and a basket are more interesting!
Ron and I both think she is beyond cute in this blue sleeper. I tossed this hat on her thinking it would make the perfect outfit, but she was apparently not about to be modelized. She is still cute in her annoyance!
One of Akasha's favorite places lately. I liked this shot as the look on Kona's face about sums up what Kona thinks of this arrangement. Akasha often gets the "rawrrawr" sound from her if she catches her fur against the ground.
She was laughing at me blowing raspberries in this one!
Akasha and The Rawrer. Notice how Kona has her paw possessively over the lovey!
In a quick recap of the boy child's exploding mind, some recent topics....

Math, math and more math.

He asked Ron the other day, "When the world first began, who took care of the babies?" !!! This started a discussion about evolution vs creationism. Orion has declared he is a believer in deities. When Ron was telling me about it and said "gods", Orion piped up and said, "And the Goddess!" That's my boy!

The other day as we were driving someplace on the Eastside, I mentioned something about King street, and somehow we got to talking about MLK and civil rights. That is a hard subject for a 5 year old, who thankfully has NO concept of people being told they can't do something based on the way they look. I found myself somewhat sugar coating history, but not totally. I mean, I wasn't going to jump into lynchings at his age! But deciding what to tell him was surprisingly tough. I think I didn't want to tell him about the buses and drinking fountains, etc. because I didn't even want him to have it in his head that a world like existed. I kindof settled on voting as my example, so I could include the issue that at one point women couldn't vote either. He was pretty cute about it and said something about how he was going to tell everybody you can do whatever you want no matter how you look. :)

If there are any unschoolers with older children out there that happen to read this post, I would love to hear about how you discussed the more "unsavory" bits of history with your kids, and at what ages.

OK, now off to bed. Three days of driving ahead of me!

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