Wednesday, May 30, 2012

LIG 2012 in Pictures

Running around in the main hall before speakers started.

A rousing game of Red Light, Green Light!

The Lego table.

Making new friends, playing new games.

Orion LOVED selling the geodes we dug at Richardson Rock Ranch!

One of the best things anybody was selling!

Lounging at the pool.

Hanging out in our room. This picture cracks me up.  That is a box of bacon Zola has her hand in, and Akasha looks like she is just lusting after it haha.

We brought the Wii this year!

Playing in the toy room.

Stuffies having a conversation.

Probably my favorite 2012 moment.  The Hilton staff was SO great.  This guy actually put the hoop on and worked it for several seconds!

Got my cards read by the insightful Jen.

Making even more new friends!

Making forts and beds in one of the funshop rooms.

Little siren of the fountain.

Last day picnic!

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