Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Coop and Fence

Are you tired of pictures from my yard yet? :)  The chicken coop got delivered this morning!  The amazing Dusty has been hard at work on it using almost all reclaimed materials! 

You can see the egg collecting door on the side in the following photo.
My favorite touch by far.  Tree of life pattern for ventilation in the back!
Later that day, Dusty came back to help get some type of fence up.  I didn't want anything fancy.  Just something to keep the chickens and dog out.  This was a really cheap option - metal pipes hammered into the ground with green plastic fencing ziptied to them.  Good thing I am into function over fashion.  :)
Akasha supervised the proceedings. 
Dusty hard at work.
Dusty really is the greatest guy you can hire to work in  your yard.  The kids love him, he played with the dog, and he is committed to finding low cost solutions to fit your needs.

More daffodils have been coming up every day.
See what I mean?
Always time for a quick break and lots of fun.  :)  So many people I have known over time merely tolerate kids versus really enjoy them.  I can tell the difference really quickly.

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