Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Akasha Names Everything

Akasha totally cracks me up with the way she names things. She has been doing it for ages, so I just want to write a bit of it down for the sake of memory.  I think the funniest part is how the names she thinks of don't sound like any name you have ever heard.  So she might get a new little stuffed animal, and name it "Jajageeshee", or something like that.  Maybe she has a future in working for the Pokemon folks lol.  But even funnier is *what* she will name.  She sometimes names her hands individually, but more often will name every finger!  She plays with them and talks to them at night alot when some of us are trying to go to sleep.  :)  Meesha and Gogo are the two primary players, but if asked, she has names for all 10.  She might name crayons she gets in a restaurant, or a square of paper towel or...  just about anything . If she names it, it is alive and has something to say.  Kids are awesome.  :)

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