Monday, October 24, 2011

Newt Day!

Akasha and I have been making trips over to the Westside to clean out our storage unit, and I decided to do one coinciding with Newt Day at the big nature park over there. Got a picture of this fine fellow before they released him.Then we hit the trail as they had a nice loop mapped out with numbered stops.
"I love nature!" or something like that lol.
The queen of goofy faces.

My camera doesn't take very good pictures of moving objects, but the view down the trail was lovely.
Bitty mushrooms - I love fall in the PNW!
Akasha was very excited about finding each number on the trail.
Pretty fall leaves!
And more cool shrooms!
She was especially excited to find 10.
The funny thing was, it seemed like a big culmination to her, although there were actually 12 stops. We are such a 10 centric culture, especially around most stuff designed to teach kids how to count.

Posing with the fall leaves. Cute picture even though looking at it now she kinda looks like she is in position to go potty haha!
And a couple more shrooms. Yes I like me some wild forest mushrooms!

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