Monday, September 5, 2011

Orion is Seven!

Wow, where do the years go?! And seven somehow sounds so much older to me than six. Maybe I will feel that way about every year though. :) I wonder what this year will hold for him!

We had a variety of goings on for the birthday boy this year. He wanted a party at Chuck E Cheese and had a great time.
Kai was especially stylin that day.
I like this shot because it is all glowy. :) And Akasha looks like the face of anticipation.
Getting a nice dose of gluten. :) I had enzymes!

Some present action.
Love friends who bring sibling gifts!
Some private gift time at home. Ron and Orion have been talking for awhile about getting some really high quality remote control cars. These should be alot of fun!
And then of course there was the pinata! Orion is such a huge pinata fan, but we have found parties with ALOT of kids and a pinata to be really frustrating. So we usually just have a super small group. Somehow I didn't get a picture of Orion with the bat!

There was much trampolining that day.
Triple horns, very impressive lol.
Orion spotted this little cake in the store and just had to have it. Really is pretty creative!
Love the 3 little monkeys all in a row. :)
The latest in high fashion.

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