Friday, June 24, 2011

Kah Nee Ta and Richardson Rock Ranch

I coplanned a group trip to KahNeeTa to get a good rate, and we really enjoyed it for the most part! The set up of the lodge involved alooooot of walking, and the food choices were pretty limited and unimpressive, but the pool was great and the weather and scenery were lovely!

The view on the way there. Some of the mountains in the distance have snow on them!
Reservation horses.
Akasha loved the little waterslide! The blue slide in the background is officially the slowest waterslide in the world lol.

Kiddie pool!
The view from our balcony. Love those dessert skies, and you can bet the stars at night were amazing. We also heard coyotes howling!
Didn't get hardly any pictures while we were there, but here is another one on the way out. Hard to see, but those are a bunch of horses under that overhang.
Fiona riding shotgun. Or next to Akasha anyway lol.
Aaaaand this would be the sign Ron flew right by, going straight. The funny thing is, I took a picture of it!!! It didn't even register there was a left turn arrow on it. I just assumed Ron had seen it!
This would be us a couple miles out on the wrong road lol.
The detour really cut into our time, but we decided to go for it anyway. The right road has cows grazing all over with no fences. The kids were thrilled.
I might have taken way too many cow pictures lol.
Baby in the road!

View from the digging site. We went to the one known as Red Bed. There are several areas here.
So this is what a geode site looks like. In fact, many of the small rocks you see here are actually geodes that were already split and people didn't want I guess. Akasha liked this little hill.
Diggers at work.

Orion found this ring of rocks and thought it had something to do with an Indian ceremony. :) You never know!
View the other way.
Our haul! We got a number of a local guy who cuts and polishes. Will have to get on that when we get home!
Lots of lupine on the hills!
This was one BIG cow that we started to think wasn't going to move!
Freaky unfocused picture of said cow after getting up.
This one had fuzzy ears and I thought was extra cute.
At the office area. They have rocks from all over the world!
House on the property. Can you spot what is on the tractor in the distance?
Here, let me crop it in for you lol. Wish I had a good zoom and could have gotten a better shot of this!
Talked Ron into one quick cache as it was supposed to be a neat one. And it was! A shoe tree! And yes, the cache was in one of the shoes! The owner encourages people to bring more and move the cache around, but it didn't take me too long to find. Many of the shoes were signed! The camera battery died right after this shot or I would have taken more pictures!

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