Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lego day at OMSI!

This isn't OMSI yet obviously, but I saw these crows in our front yard on the way out and thought they looked cool. That tree seems to be dead, so with all the crows in it, it looked like a Halloween scene.
On to the Lego Extravaganza for just mommy and Orion time. There were two activity stations. At the first your challenge was to build a boat and see how many marbles it would hold before sinking. Here Orion is at the beginning of a plan.

We didn't take the time to make a huge boat, but I think Orion's was the coolest one I saw cuz it had a dragon mast!
Waiting in line for the marble test. The guy ahead of us had the popular upside down cone type of thing going on. There was a board where you could write your number, and the highest for the day was over 300 - whoa that must have been a big one!
At the next station the goal was to build a wall, which was then set up and had a bowling ball swung into it! LOL, yes, Orion was delighted. He just watched the kabam over and over and didn't even want to make one. It was really quite interesting to see which things help well. It wasn't always what I expected. And then there were a couple I think the makers wanted to fly totally apart. Some of the smashes sent pieces flying for several feet! Would have made a great commercial for the durability of Legos lol! This boy below was making an impressive blue pyramid.
Just another scene of the madness.
I got some video of the bowling ball action I will try to get up soon.

Some video as promised:

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