Monday, April 25, 2005

Ensenada Cruise!

So I guess this would be the baby's first major vacation. Things went pretty well considering his age. The first night I followed our regular ritual and just went to bed early. I had bought a little inflatable bathtub and that worked out well. Overall, he slept great on the ship. The rocking must have been soothing. Our waiter was great and brought him avocados and pears every night. There was always some fruit around to give him, so most of the meals went pretty well. We did manage to get to one show. I got Orion all ready for bed and put him to sleep in the sling. Of course he woke up at the show, but he went back to bed pretty easily.

Ensenada was nothing exciting. We just went into town and let the girls do some shopping. They bought purses, watches and sunglasses - what a surprise. We bought Sarah a Tinkerbell blanket on the sly and I got a nice black poncho good for nursing.

We had the girls watch Orion on the last night so we could get a couples massage. They did a good job, but the spa is located right under the children's program. All we heard the whole time was the sound of feet running back and forth. What bad planning!

The big news that happened at this time was that Orion pulled himself to a standing position for the first time. He was on the bed in our cabin and pulled himself up using the pillows. So he wasn't even eight months old. Seems early. He is also up and rocking on his hands and knees alot now.

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